Tiresias Cage manga
Author Kumiko Takeha
Artist Kumiko Takeha
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Last Updated Ch. 3 - 2024-03-10
Tiresias Cage manga

Tiresias Cage

テイレシアスの檻 Tiresias no Ori

Chihaya Katsuragi is a handsome, heterosexual guy who is troubled by his inability to find a girlfriend. He is a high school student who is a little jealous of his handsome best friend, Wakana Kawamura, but in a sense, he is enjoying a normal adolescence, wishing every day that he will lose his virginity. But then, Chihaya experiences a big turning point?
He transforms into a girl with a glamorous body? Chihaya is perplexed and curious about his ideal body, but the reality is much harsher than he expected ......?

Title     Group Last Updated
3 - This might be a strange question, but... Magical Translators [2024, 2, 10, 13, 33, 6]
2 - I think of you as my best friend, you know? Magical Translators [2023, 9, 26, 22, 59, 55]
1 - Not even in another lifetime! Magical Translators [2023, 9, 12, 0, 41, 45]